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October 12, 2023
Aug 11, 2023

Antiferromagnetic magnon spintronic based on nonreciprocal and nondegenerated ultra-fast spin-waves in the canted antiferromagnet α-Fe2O3

Figure 1 Magnonic devices based on antiferromagnets. (A) Sketchof an antiferromagnetic waveguide (B) Transmission properties of the waveguidecharacterised with a vector network analyser. Adapted from A. El Kanj et al.,Sciences Advances 9 (32), eadh1601

Sci. Adv. 9, 1601 (2023)

In this article, consortium members from CNRSand Thales achieved efficient spin-waves propagation in a prototypicalinsulating antiferromagnets. They demonstrated that the presence ofnon-degenerated dipolar exchange spin-waves detected by both inductive andspintronic transducers. The electrical detection of coherent nonreciprocalantiferromagnetic spin-waves paves the way for the development of faster andmore field secured magnonic devices based on antiferromagnetic materials. Theseresults were published in the journal SciencesAdvances 9 (32), eadh1601 (2023).Next step will be to integrate antiferroic skyrmions under developments inTSAR.

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