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Permanent Staff

CEA Saclay

Michel Viret
Jean-Yves Chauleau
SHG - Ultra-fast magnetism


Manuel Bibes
Principal Investigator (PI)
Vincent Cros
Magnetic skyrmions
Vincent Garcia
Stephane Fusil
PFM and scanning probe measurements
Karim Bouzehouane
Magnetic and electric scanning probe measurements

L2C Montpellier

Vincent Jacques
Principal Investigator (PI)
Aurore Finco
Scanning NV Magnetometry and Electrometry


Thomas Maroutian
Principal Investigator (PI)
Sylvia Matzen
(Anti-)ferroelectric thin films
Philippe Lecoeur
Head deposition systems


Maxime Vallet
Research Engineer

LOA/Ecole Polytechnique

Hamed Merdji
Principal Investigator (PI)
Philippe Zeitoun
Ultra-fast lasers
Marie Froideveaux
Higher harmonic generation


Pavlo Zubko
Principal Investigator (PI)

Université de Liège

Philippe Ghosez
Principal Investigator (PI)
Eric Bousquet
DFT ferroelectrics
Bertrand Dupé
DFT magnetic materials
Alireza Sasani
Postdoctoral Researcher - Modeling of Ferroelectric skyrmions
Sebastian Meyer
Postdoctoral Researcher - Modeling of Magnetic skyrmions
Xu He
Senior Researcher - Software development & Management

ICN2 Barcelona

Gustau Catalan
Principal Investigator (PI)
Neus Domingo
Scanning probe measurements

IP-ASCR Prague

Jirka Hlinka
Principal Investigator (PI)
Pavel Baláž
Pavel Marton
Phase field calculations
Petr Odrejkovic
Marek Pasciak


Romain Lebrun
Principal Investigator (PI) - Device conception
Paolo Bortolotti
Isabella Boventer
Thales Researcher

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